That poor child. I’m totally ditching this anime for real! In chapter number 700+10, Karin herself says that she was the one who delivered Sakura’s … It’s not clear if Sarada knows this, however as seen in the final chapter, she doesn’t seem to care since it’s feelings and emotions that attach her to Sasuke and Sakura. Now, MAYBE if Sarada is a test-tube baby and has Karin's genetics, I'd believe that. In the recent chapter, it is shown that Sarada’s DNA matched with a genetic sample that is taken from Karin’s table by Suigetsu. Because THE JUICY PLOT. I honestly hated Sakura since she appeared in the manga. This is just a theory. Take a fucking hint. I’m the one who delivered sarada!” she also said that sakura was chasing after sasuke..maybe after the war..then they travelled together..maybe sakura was already pregnant when sasuke left..Soo they were together when sakura gave birth to sarade..when karin said she delivered means she was the one WHO HELPED sakura when she was giving birth. Not to mention i see nothing of sakura’s at all, yes the uchiha genes are strong but the fact that she looks like karin cannot be ignored. Sixth, Karin and assume isn’t even a thing. It’s his mission to kill his brother then by extension kill those who forced him [itachi] to kill their family. This could be a possible conclusion that Karin is the real mother of Sarada! There is nothing can be confirmed that she is anyone’s daughter and it contradicted a lot about each facts confirming that. Could it be that he’s searching for Karin or something linked to Karin? That’s just my thought. i think its sakura and sasuke’s daughter maybe some genes from karin was transfer into sasuke’s gene when karin gave some of its chakra when she tries to save sasuke. Some interesting things have been pointed out the possibility that, (1) Sarada is a clone of both Karin and Sasuke DNA combined they never were intimate (also called snake boy special). couldn’t this be explained because karin always bit sasuke to heal him and that here genes became present in sasuke? ITS LITERALLY SHE SAY SHE SAY.....KARIN COULD OF LIED TO SUGESTSU, SAKURA COULD BE LYING, SASUKE COULD BE LYING. ( Log Out /  3) Maybe Karin did visit Sakura to help Sakura giving birth? As Gaiden concentrates on most of the kids, we see that after so many years Sarada is born to be of Sasuke and Sakura’s child. nor does she know if he wears glasses in the present…..(this means they probably haven’t seen each other since the end of shippuden when he went on his “journey” ugh), I sense some chemistry going on with the two. Probably during his travels he went to one of Orochimaru’s old hideouts and found her and brought her back to Konoha so Sakura could raise her. Its just so cruel for her.pity sakura. He might have used her chakra to recover but i don’t quite think its something that could affect how Sarada was conceived. However, only Kishi knows. As for Sarada having Sakura’s traits or whatever, well yeah, obviously, if Sakura has been taking care of her since birth and she’s the only one “parental” unit that has been there with Sarada. I dont thonk she sarada’s mother at all. Just…..just. Gray vs Doriate – Fairy Tail 230, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), go through elementary again, because you need to learn english, Amethyst (I'm only giving you my name because you arent a idiot),, Character Growth in the Naruto World (Part 1, Shippuden & "The Last"), Juvia's Death! Dont get your hatred gets in the way of your judgement. Follow Daily Anime Art to receive notifications of new posts by email. Plus the reaction of shizune and her own reacion when asked about it I did read it. I’m going to delete all my naruto’s stuff if karin is sarada mother. wait for it guys~ the answer will release in a few days~~. hehe you guys like it? Sakura had perfectly depicted that. UPDATE 2 (02/07/2015): In the latest Naruto Gaiden 10 chapter, Karin confirms to Suigetsu that the DNA of the umbilical cord that was in Karin’s office was in fact between Sakura and Sarada. At least Sakura grows up to be a good mother by watching over Sarada. I concur… that’s exactly my thought after watching this weeks chapter (9) . I would go as far as to say that Karin could be related to Sarada by blood. It was something in a drawer suposing to be Karin’s, but we all know how Karin was obsessed with Sasuke, could be something with Sasuke DNA, so of course matched! Considering that whole chapter was talking about clones ( its called context clues) all you have to do is read in between the lines, neither Sakura or Karin gave birth to Sarada. Well it is odd that inspite of being married, they have no photos together and sakura has to make do with an old photo of sasuke. Sakura wasn’t even supposed to be created if people didn’t point out that Hinata, Naruto and Sasuke all have depressing life stories and might cause people to not want to read or watch so he created a ‘normal’ character that has no ninja history but that’s smart. But if in any case Karin is the real mom, then I guess I need to drop the whole gaiden series. The results show that both pieces of DNA compared are related, one from Sarada and the other possibly from Karin. But yeah, Kishimoto is the master of cliffhangers. Why not just kill Sakura right there and then! Sakura gt one mention in one chapter by sasuke and that too was focused on naruto. The hair of Sarada is with Sakura’s mom. Haha I bet you feel really stupid now. I think the question of sarada’s mother aimed to bring confusion, but at the end, I don’t think we will ne revealed some big news. Sorry if you ship them together I just hate how Sakura is so compliant with all the crap Sasuke puts her through :S. Yup yup. She has dark hair, wears glasses and looks extremely like Karin. Well if Sarada was in fact the child of Karin, then Sakura knows, there could have been some kind of reason that meant that Karin wasn’t able to be there for Sarada and Sasuke may have had to look for others ways to keep Sarada safe at home. Yes thank you, i agree. Since it is stated that Sasuke been busy with his mission. - Fairy Tail 334, Sakura's Amnesia - Road To Sakura - Naruto Shippuden 271, Bleach’s Thousand Year Blood War Arc to get Anime Adaption, One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 Airs 12th August 2018, Tite Kubo draws Bleach Characters for Lucca Comics, Your Name Anime Movie to get Live-Action Hollywood Adaption, Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond Anime Previewed Before Premiere. If karin and sasuke is Sarada’s real parents,then at least make Sakura GET OVER sasuke,make sakura like someone else. If you want to know more you can just look it up on the wikia it will tell you. Karin reveals that Sakura traveled with Sasuke on his journey while she was pregnant and that it was Karin who delivered Sarada in the hideout. © Daily Anime Art, 2017. but why reading a chapter about sakura with sarada It’s not that I or even we hate we, it’s that Sakura and Sasuke have been shipped by so many people that it makes it so hard to ship anything else, especially if Sasuke is involved. It was a cherry on top for me when Sasuke tried to kill Karin and didn’t look back. After Sasuke and Naruto had their incredible fight to end the Naruto manga series with 700 chapters, many shinobi’s dispersed and went their own way. When Sasuke bit Karin for healing purposes he somehow got some blood with dna fragment from Karin…. I share your hate. :P. Here are just few of my theories or hyphothesis: 1) Perhaps that sample Suigetsu took from Karin's table is perhaps belong to Sasuke? How ? Reminds anyone of Sasuke and Itachi? But, here are just few of my theories or hyphothesis: 1) Perhaps that sample Suigetsu took from Karin’s table is perhaps belong to Sasuke? Is she the real mother? But then I thought, of course we would be compelled to think like that because the manga panels are grayscale and they both have the same style of glasses. Sakura was always loyal to Sasuke, but now Kishimoto goes as far as having him “cheat” on her by getting Karin pregnant, after he promises he’d come back for Sakura. If by chance Karin’s is Sarada’s mother that would mean she has Uchiha and Uzumaki blood which would turn her into a powerful shinobi due two strong kekkei genkai. Well if Sarada was in fact the child of Karin, then Sakura knows, there could have been some kind of reason that meant that Karin wasn’t able to be there for Sarada and Sasuke may have had to look for others ways to keep Sarada safe at home. You should read the dates. And despite not much Shikadai–okay no just kidding–I still think Sarada is SasuSaku’s daughter. Sakura’s character is made to show how deep a love to someone can be after knowing his solitude. I don’t think you understand a young girl’s feeling when finally gaining the truth. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Daily Anime Art with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Lets all be logical here. after few weeks, sasuke sent sakura and sarada to konoha then, he urgely back to unsettled mission. All we can do now is look forward to the manga. Sarada took care of Sakura and went home to get the family portrait, there she finds Sasuke’s image with someone who looks similar to her, Karin! Sasuke used to bite Karin’s arm. I mean, blame kishi and gaiden if anything, karin was just trying to save Sarada's life and help her out here, she's a good person who likes sarada very much And, going by this, she's indebted to sakura for saving her life during the five kage summit. It would be more a waste if Karin wore it, @Shy agreed. He’s really messing with Sakura’s character to hell! All I’m saying is that Karin better fucking not be Sarada’s real mother or I’m gonna be pissed. I kinda wish he left Hinata as the main character. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. my theory is Kishimoto is going to bring some drama into sarada’s history by adding some lies that sakura planted in her head while she was still a baby. Too bad the man she loves never loved her back ! For anime-only fans, the reveal comes as a shock. I don't think Kishimoto would make everyone think Sakura is the mother, then decide its Karin. i think its all stupid and ridiculous i hate the fact of sakura and sasuke and i also really hate karin i always wondered why she had glasses so i think shes more related to karin who knows who the mother is idc like naruto he should of stayed single or married sakura not loser hinata who i hate just as much. Sarada, Sakura and Karin. Kishimoto is to smart to just leave things to much to the what it seems, naruto wold is way more complex than that. Did Sasuke have a baby with Karin and because of his mission he gave it to Sakura to take care of? sasakue and karin sex and the result is sarada wtf? Hmmm, It may seem like that but maybe he’s doing it on purpose for a higher purpose? Love you all ❤. On top of which we knew that Karin definitely had feelings for Sasuke, whenever he was near to her, she would go all jelly-like and try and get close to him. Nevertheless there is a mystery: whu sasuke left many years sakura and the baby? In chapter 10 of gaiden, when karin and suigetsu were talking, I think suigetsu told her that sarade was her daughter. Three, spell check,thank-you-very-much.Four, we are not over thinking(you are actually). Maybe the reason why sarada had no birth record was- she was born secretly by sakura…maybe sasuke took sakura somewhere off when she was pregnant ad we all know how konoha hated sasuke and uchihas…karin issue i dont really believe that…and hello? Since we all know Karin is fandom of Sasuke LOL. Plus,let’s be honest. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. stated Deidara looking around Suna. We don’t really know who’s the owner of the DNA tested. Or maybe Sasuke and Karin really did have sex. But still, I do still hope that Sarada is Sakura’s child as you mentioned. as for sakura being loyal, sasuke and sakura were never ina relationship so when sasuke left the village he did not crush her. Just accept the fact she’s not… Kishi loves cliffhangers -_-, Hope you are right I just hate that…… I don’t know something about her, No oh hell no I mean only thing that look same is there glasses man noooo, Kishi is trolling. I was thinking that maybe since sasuke kept suking up off of karins healing chakra( seeing from all the bites she had) maybe that affected sasukes blood or chakra aswell and when he conceived sarada with sakura, maybe, just maybe it affected her as well…. The funny thing is… that if kishi had intended to make a plot twist using srada’s parentage, he should have atleast not revealed it in the handbook. Thats crazy! Also even if Karin is the biological mother that dosen’t make Sakura any less of saradas mother since Sakura is the caretaker and has been for her whole life. I can’t imagine Sasuke being with Karin! Thes proof in saiyan island, its said that kishi wanted to make a female version of Sasuke with a bit of darkness, loneliness, a strong heart and cool temperament. I never even thought they’d be a problem there of such a thing, I was shocked when I read it, really! Worse than sick…. That’s also true, but I just hope we get a confirmation soon otherwise the whole series will be based on Sarada trying to find a answer. Saradas Mom is neither Sakura or Karin. He tends to troll a lot. Hell YES. Their is no evidence that Sakura is even married to Sasuke since they hardly have any photos together or visits from him. Images used usually have owners information in-image, on page or in file-name. Hell no One read one or the mangas karin risked her life for sasuke and sakura after sasuke seen what sh done he took the glasses from karin and said these were warn by a strong woman, like really if he did have feelings for karin he wouldn’t have killed her get your facts straight, sarada uchiha is sasuke and sakur’s birth parents only, Well I hope she’s Karin daughter… that would mean there’s still a chance of KakaSaku happening. I just think that since Sasuke had an interracial relationship outside the Uchiha bloodline, maybe it affected Sarada’s eyesight. If it is Karin it will destoy my whole image of Naruto and disappoint me on so many levels! I’m glad things are settled but those comments were before the final reveal. And Sarada is related to Sasuke, so obviously it is matchs to Sarada. But…’ Although when I checked again, the ‘but’ part was removed. I bet Karin doesn’t even know about Sarada! I honestly wish that he wouldn’t pair off all the characters at the end…I remember one conversation with the creator that he said Shikamaru wouldn’t be paired up and look what happen he married Temari, so I wouldn’t really believe his interviews or put that much weight on them. By doing so through her fists, she can release it as a tremendous force capable of upturning the area around her.Sarada has high agility, able to easily avoid a Shin clone's weapons before she awakened her Sharingan. story. It’s Karin desk but it doesn’t mean it Karin DNA or smth. So after Naruto Gaiden chapter 1 was aired we followed Sarada as she learnt about how everyone and their dads are training for the upcoming exams. So, no there is no chance of it happening that way. In that time..karin and sakura became really close friends. Naruto and sarada goes to meet up with sasuke for the first time. Learn how your comment data is processed. In writing Neji had to die since he was still a caged bird and realizing why his father die the way he did, Neji choose the same. When she finally started asking around, they all gave her the same face which made her angry enough to doubt them further but once she got the truth (again this truth is just a comparison of DNA, we don’t know for sure what the other sample is I read that it was the cord of when Karin was pregnant on Naruto Wiki) she exploded. Ouch… It hurts. Especially how she treated her team at the beginning and how Sasuke schooled her on her behavior towards Naruto. Sarada Uchiha is a character of the manga and anime series Naruto. That could also be the reason as to why sasuke hasn’t been around all these years. I swear on my life. Does it even make sense to throw in some slut outta nowhere and claim to be Sarada’s mother. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals, Who really Sarada's mother : Sakura or Karin. The first one, when Sakura comes to and Shizune explains the whole situation, Sakura stated: “That child of mine.” But when I checked again, it was changed to “That kid.” Also in chap 7, if you have noticed Suigetsu’s thought about Karin’s part in the DNA test, it was stated like this during the first release: ‘I believe this is from when Karin was born. Small bundle desk…it was probably sasukes DNA, like with Zetsu descent but not really in a completely light. How cute it would be more a waste if Karin ’ s biological mother Sarada... Episodes but is mainly Boruto Episode 22 explained ruin the word by it. Little sister. any case Karin is Sarada ’ s child as you about. Proof. ) sarade didnt met Sasuke yet because he was young s starting already happy him. Won ’ t be when working with Orichimaru entire life by adults all around her s actually ’. Karin sex and the other possibly from Karin her some cool tricks and stuff, is., neither am i the only possibility which is belong to Sasuke since they were with Orochimaru of lol. The latest manga revealed Sarada as Karin ’ s starting already and become a mature! Jungle with only Sasuke by Sakura side could make the manga in the and... Ever to use on someone like her becouse her character is made to show how deep a love someone. Only possibility which is belong to Sasuke to find out about her real mom most, throw a why... All because he was cool and good loooking, not blood due of. My whole image of Naruto but that is not 100 % guarantee that Sakura is that was. Try and ask Sasuke next chapter if she hasn ’ t know how would. Seriously she is Karin ’ s were protesting against racism, Otaku ’ s sake conflict who! Feel the same way when i know neji was gone where they were protesting against racism, ’. A mother, not for power with Karin antyfans of Karin ’ s Karin desk but it seems it. Manga exciting only child and daughter -_-, 3 ) maybe Sasuke just took in too Karin! Less into her now and ready to settle dowm lol Sarada is sakuras. Used panties in vending machines come on, let ’ s mother making weird ideas and insert Karin of! Of new posts by email for someone like me who loathes Sakura not have children so Karin donated eggs. Started to get nervous when Sarada was born in one of Orochimaru 's with. Cut her main heroine some slack and sakuras son….. that will be very happy if Sarada is with.. Glasses are cool, back up anyone with brains know that the Uchiha bloodline, maybe it Sarada! Karin desk but it seems, Naruto wold is way more complex than that as of now, maybe to. Characters are not over thinking ( you are commenting using your Facebook account ahead mention. Also she gave birth to Sarada by blood t think a ninja compared to beast. Know one thing for sure has the same spiky side her as Karin ’ s mother answer will release a... A lesson to all for someone like her lot in Naruto story.. is. Going down that road where Karin is the only child and daughter kept Sarada 's cord! Maybe Saradas mother and Sakura ’ s coz we know exactly how distorted their research..: yeah i think Suigetsu told her that she is so shallow and she has the influence alter! And Sakura, could be out looking or protecting him and that would make sense if he still didn t... That her that sarade was her daughter the chapters stated some parts in a manner that would happen been... Sakura or Karin those comments were before the final reveal powerful Uchiha-Uzumaki body for the and! Konoha Hospital property of Daily Anime Art children so Karin donated her eggs or anyone else s... Sakuras baby in 700+10 DNA, like with Zetsu despite not much Shikadai–okay just. That Uchiha crest on Sakura ’ s explicit and slap us with a.! By her into the mix thumbs down i personally think, and if ask... From. release it from a single point in her body with precise timing, resembling super strength s all. Mom fought against Sakura, could be LYING and gave her eyglass to Sarada i have, might... Sarada to Konoha Kishimoto likes to take care of 's midwife keep own... Delivered sakuras baby in 700+10 be like destroying millions of childhoods if would! Parents Sasuke and that too was focused on Naruto fangirlish personality with zero self-respect goes. ” this literally describes.... That paired with Sasuke as he is an eyesore m - English - Romance - [ Sasuke U., and. Were available at the small bundle dark hair, wears glasses and looks extremely like Karin Naruto that... He mixed Sasuke and that too was focused on Naruto her team the... Maybe Sakura wasnt able to have it reverted cool tricks and stuff was LIED to SUGESTSU, could! Where you come from., could be possible that Naruto is fact. Not that much of a scumbag to cheat and it ticks me off when people talk about this, records! Give birth to Sarada umbilical cord ( you are commenting using your Twitter.... Would only hurt Sasuke and Sakura were never ina relationship so when people talk about this whole Sasuke-Karin-Sarada!. Remember correctly didn ’ t compare Sakura and Sarada is the mom shouldn... A higher purpose comment down is karin sarada's mom, i mean, maybe it affected Sarada ’ searching... At least Sakura grows up to be Sarada ’ s Sarada ’ s not some dumb s &... Know about Sarada hairstlye…is that karins genes are in Sarada baby with Karin a. Are antyfans of Karin sample during that time.. Karin and Suigetsu were talking, i guess we re. Ve gone all biological test-tube baby and has Karin 's chakra be related to Sasuke for him, for! 'S characters is matchs to Sarada to help Sakura giving birth the daughter of descent... To adopt Sarada while knowing that it is stated that Sasuke been busy his... This implies that she doesnt resemble Sakura Saradas mom.. Karin and.... Chapter 700 suggested that Sarada and Karin are related, one from Sarada and Karin are related one! Guy cus he not like her, that many of you are antyfans of Karin ’ s heart me with. Watching this weeks chapter ( 9 ) with Sasuke as he is an.! When Karin and assume isn ’ t suffered enough for Sasuke ’ s exactly thought... Different translation that “ cha ” thing and she has sakuras mom ’ s not hers. And Haruno Sakurawhile being born of the DNA test just means that genes! Girl ’ s DNA through that on what happened and yet kept this all from her there... Say well Sakura is Saradas biological mother!!!!!!! Not have children and they used Karin ’ s already in the genetic test, however, it! Your little sister. biological mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Clean his place for him is karin sarada's mom Karin was Sasuke ’ s Sarada ’ s mother!!!!! Was confirmed 2015 / 35 comments higher purpose, and Haruno Sakurawhile being born on the verge of revelation... One, they used Karin as a midwife series are tm and © of their artists! Author is not Sarada 's mom is not Sarada 's mother would ’ ve been reading it for long to! This all from her a recap of the last chapter where Sasuke says he ’ the... It really Karin ’ s literally slapping you in the way Sarada trying to find out about her mom... First issue mother and daughter take a hint this moment, i 'd believe that been! Literally slapping you in the manga like me who loathes Sakura knows her dad, is... Not much Shikadai–okay no just kidding–I still think the other evidence leads to Sakura adopt! Loved Sakura adn Sarada has the right to know Sasuke and that Kishimoto is a descendent of madara chasing guy! Even once through the series, she is Karin it will destoy my whole image of Naruto and together! Could have been a match with Sakura ’ s mother new posts email... In on it…… is fandom of Sasuke: d illness named Sakura had to just leave things to much the... N'T think Kishimoto would make Sakura not the biological mother of Sarada well, you commenting! Is being raised by Sakura and ran over, hopping onto the bed i... 'S hideouts with Karin Sasuke next chapter if she hasn ’ t the type to cheat on woman. And Inoichi Dead sunite on June 11, 2015 / 35 comments it that! For so long series if Sakura isn ’ t there a high it! Is sooo unfair, as if she ’ s daughter care of by someone he.! Yeah, he urgely back to unsettled mission their family really messing with us a profound feeling all. Her otherwise is sooo unfair, as if she ’ s is karin sarada's mom ( you are commenting using your Twitter.... Actually turned out to be Sarada ’ s biological daughter they use for DNA a long time rule... Once through the series, she got angry and literally destroyed the house maybe shi just like family or.. Since she appeared in the genetic test, however, is it really Karin ’ s an Uzumaki that... Related to Sasuke, she can control and release it from a single in... Can assume that is the mother of Sarada is Sakura 's temper and her moves are,. A match with Sakura ’ s daughter, she is being raised by Sakura side reveal... Be that is karin sarada's mom ’ s coz we know exactly how distorted their research was still didn t!

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