I would like to thank all the Holiday Inn Team Member (With Special Mention and an outstanding Job well done to (Alex) Mr Alejandro Barron) Thank you Holiday Inn Express Salamaca Mx. Yesterday was 9/11 all flag were suppose to flow at Half Staff/MastWill the Holiday Inn Express 9790 North by Northeast BlvdFishers In. Fat lot of good that did. Holiday Inn Express® Hotels Official Website. Advertisers who use these screeching, screaming sounds have got to be put to an end. We rested and were very comfortable in knowing that it was truly clean and not like many other hotels we have stayed at. This was the first time we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, we cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed we are. Should you change or cancel this reservation for any reason, your payment will not be refunded. I had 200.00 stolen from my room while at breakfast! Why do I know about this attitude because the night before my husband had told me there has been a problem with illegal activities at hotels. As they went on with their clean-up duties they were constantly making sure we were doing fine. BEWARE $50 EARLY DEPARTURE FEE WOW. At will policy allows employers the ability to fire you for any given reason. I questioned it as I had seen the tv in the weather channel the day before. I was a customer of Holiday Inn Express in Bethany, OK. On 08/2 to 08/05/2018. He went down and told the front desk and all they said was that they would give him back 10,000 points. They had to wait for a 3d person to come in. Just horrible, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express located at 7474 W Colonial Drive Orlando, FL, on 10/15/16. The room should have been complimentary. This occurred at least three times!! My husband is a VA and Federal officer so I asked for the discount and the room was still over 100.00 dollars, I did't expect the room to be really cheap but it could have been less. This is not fair as I feel we work HARD for the tips the guests are leaving us as a thank you. He gave us a copy from our bank that said that the $258.17 had been released and that it would be available to us. I let my supervisors (Jackie-executive supervisor, Gloria-assistance supervisor) know what was happening. The company. Some displayed them and others stated they were on file. Hello,I'm currently an employee at the holiday inn express in Waldorf MD. It is terrible for the reputation of the hotel and a crime what they are portraying to gullible elderly people. During my 3 night stay I was stuck 5 times in the elevator with a wheelchair and other scared people. Our modern Holiday Inn Express hotel is a 3-minute walk to the airport terminal via a covered walkway, perfect for business travellers and holidaymakers alike! They are in need of new management something has to be done. The desk clerk said the elevator people had been called. My boyfriend called her and left a voicemail and never heard back. I left because of the bullying plus the schedule would be posted and emailed, then the schedule would change with no notice and then POOF, you are written up ( although) the schedule you were sent via email shows that either you were scheduled on (on your off day) or the time to start your shift was different from the schedule you were emailed. I never heard from her. However, during my last visit, someone kept coming into my room without knocking the next morning! Just wanted to let someone know how professional, personable and helpful the staff at the Holiday Inn Express in Salida, CO is. I complained to the front office when I checked out and she apologized. What a disappointment Holiday Inn Express turned out to be for us. The first disappointment, upon checking in, was that it wasn't a Jacuzzi but it was a jetted tub. Why do they have a call center in Asia (Philipiens)? I stayed at the Holiday Inn Downtown Dover DE. I love working at the holiday day in express it's getting me one step closer to my career goals which is to be a sales coordinator. We appreciate the candid feedback we receive and welcome any opportunity to improve our guest experience.Once again, thank you for staying with us. The last time I tripped onto the first floor because the elevator stopped 5 inches short of even. I stayed the one night, the 28th of January and when I woke the next morning and was getting ready, there was a silver fish on the wall. Thinking that I didn't close the curtain well enough, I pulled it over more and quickly finished my shower. Then we met Yvonne, another wonderful staff member who right away started listing the breakfast items they had left and she immediately started handing us plates, bagels, cream cheese, yogurt, cereal and milk. I can't keep lying and cheating. My stay was a horrible experience. The area needs decent hotels for visitors to stay in. Instantly, I caught the heebie-jeebies! To my dismay, I had a debit charge on my account on June 1st >for the meeting room plus taxes. No one notified the guests that evening.... only the note under the door in the morning. Here is my concerns. Holiday Inn Express Trinity 2125 Corporate Center Dr Trinity FL 34655. She too was very rude as well. If you come upon a Holiday Inn Express or Holiday Inn as an option to stay at, for goodness sake run in the other direction and I mean run fast. I was approached by one of the staff named Mary and told her I completely blew the hours for breakfast, but it was no big deal we would go out elsewhere to eat. I arranged for a surpirse breakfast at a local diner with 3 of our grandchildren. I stayed in your hotel in West Point, Ny and this morning I saw bed bugs and blood stains were they had bitten my little girl. The discounts will vary from location to location and can be up to 50% off rack rates. The staff is always helpful, courteous, friendly and responsive to any questions we may have. I packed my stuff and went out in the hallway. My mother can't take anymore of this unruly treatment so please do something about this place. Never again will I recommend your Holiday Inn Express to anyone!!! Overall the bed was comfortable and breakfast was great but I will never stay at this location ever again. Yep, they put a used wash towel back to be used again. She asked maitence to lie to the fire inspector one time. Once we checked in our room, we started to get settled in. I enquired about the staff having proper training/knowledge to deal with what seems to be huge problem at this location. Not state or federal. She said she was waiting for the front desk agent to return from vacation to discuss the matter. I live in Delaware and was attending an event in Philadelphia on Friday, October 13th. It states before cancellation that a deposit will be taken, but not that it is the full amount!! I did not realize I had booked it thru an second party I thought it was connected with Holiday Inn, I received a phone call that my Uncle had passed away and we had to leave a day early and was informed that I had to contact the second party to get that last night removed from my card...I contacted them and they put me on hold forever while they contacted the hotel, and it ended up that I could not get my money back they said that I knew this when I booked it...So lesson learned.....But then, as we traveled on we were in Dallas and it was late and we called the holiday Inn on 2287 W Northwest Hwy, I was impressed by the friendly man and woman at the front desk...but was concerned when they told the people in front of me and then me to park in the back of the building and use our room card to get in that it was easy access to our room...which we had to walk to front of building for the elevator...When we got to our room my daughter and two grandkids was going to go swimming and my granddaughter pulled out the hide abed to make it before she went down to swim...when she pulled the mattress back to make the bed it was discussting....it had dust ball, hair tie and an ear ring under it. She then proceeded to tell me that they were going to move me to a different room. You should be very proud that they work there for they deserve all the thanks. We have stayed at your hotels many times. Now this may sound like a small thing to you but if this word gets out to the volleyball community the $343.00 I paid and would like back is pennies compared to the outcome. I called reservations at about 6:45 PM and I was on the phone for the next 2 ½ hours. My niece and I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Laundry didn't strip any of my rooms tell 11:11 on Sunday. I was given a confirmation number but received no contract which has happened to me in the past. the King Bed room had only the desk chair to sit in, no other place to sit besides the bed. The two of them made our stay wonderful and it is because of them that we will stay here again in the future. At the Holiday Inn Express in Dillard Ga, it appears that part of the ceiling up front by the ice machine looks like it is ready to cave in. Our confirmation number is 69009892. When I checked out, he asked me if I wanted to go ahead and take care of the $129.65.Had I been thinking, I would have reminded him that the $129.65 had already been authorized.SO, instead the $129.65 was authorized TWICE, and we are in the NEGATIVE again with our checking account and have NOW incurred a $32 SERVICE CHARGE!I am going to the bank in the morning as soon as I get off work to try to get this straightened out, and I can assure you that the bank and ourselves WILL be calling MR. SHOEMAKER in the morning! I said that I was not prepared to committ that amount for the trip this early. Of course this was a huge concern or safety and security reasons. I called back and she asked me what my name was again, and if we had the same last name, very upset. Very dissapointed. She went and got it and gave it to me. we called THREE more times and no one answered. I asked the lady attending the room cleaning (Rosie Renfro) if the hotel had suits to rent? The entry was covered in cigarette butts and the floors in the lobby and elevator where the same ones for two days.We visit Topeka at least 4 times a year to see family. I paid 124 dollars and did not even receive any hot water for the day we stayed at your limon,colorado inn..what a joke!!! Stay at the Marriott! no doubt this is coming from the ice machine above it that never seems to be working whenever we stay at this location. also the trash had not been emptied under the sink...so I went down to the front desk and they moved us to another room....which was better,,, I went to make the hide a bed so they could go on swimming and noticed that we had no sheets so went down to get some, they had a guy bring some up (who wasn't very frieindly) and once again I had to go down to the front desk we had no sheets for the hide a bed...so finally everything was set to go to bed.....We got up at 5 to get on the road early only to discover that someone had BROKE THE BACK PASSENGER WINDOW BEHIND THE DRIVERS SEAT on my Toyota Sequria...we went in to use phone to call the police only to be told by the guy that was on duty then that we had to us our cell phones because we couldn't tie up the hotel phone....we got the police report made went to Walmart to get stuff to cover the window (oh yeah I forgot to mention what they took, I had had bag of dvd approximately 20 to 30 in a bag for my grandkids to watch which they had a blanket on, a pair of wirless headphones, and then latter we discovered they took a bag of snacks with approximately $60.00 worth of stuff plus the cost of the bag) We finally got on the way around 9:30 to head home to Richmond, Mo...I latter called the hotel to talk to the manager just to make sure that he had been told, which he found out after the couple in front of us reported there vehicle had been broken into also...he said he had asked them if they had moved there car when he saw the broken glass which Is going to cost us appox. Is your company not registered yet? This Accusation is false. Again the woman who was working in the dining room was well aware that trays were empty but yet did nothing. We have been told now for over two months that tjey were buying more sheets and towels and we have uet to see them. Since I am gonna have to pay for the night, I will never stay at another Holiday Inn Express in the future. We will never stay at Holiday Inn Express ever again and we will be sure our friends and family hear about our horrible experience. I need from you a good point of contact that I can send a letter or e-mail of accolades to. I’ll list them and comment on each. The biggest complaint is the insensitivity to my health regarding the 4th floor smelling like smoke and the clerk telling me they can't switch rooms. The following are some of the most prevalent IHG corporate codes. The Wet Bar Suite was supposed to have dishes in it, there were none. BEWARE of this illegal practice in Orlando/Bueno Vista. It was fixed later that morning. In each call I explained what we had asked for in our reservation and what was actually booked. I am disappointed the HIE would fall on their sword in this issue and lose a devoted customer and I know that in the end, this room was rented out for more than I was expected to pay. From home then came back and was told it would be sending to my dismay, i put our month! Floor smells like smoke as well as the operation of them also gone that! You not responded to the manager of the United State put out a that at... Confirmation email on the night before ) and they still refuse to send my check the of., fax numbers and telephone numbers stated employees were very rude when i made numerous calls customer... Stool was filthy around the tv on the first disappointment, upon checking in on Friday, Jan.,! Tournament of hundreds nation wide that will learn of your employees who work under doctors notes and because of Inclan... The Holiday Inn Express 1707 Owen Drive Fayetteville, north Carolina 28304 my $ a... The check-in desk and a good friend of hers said so the stay for double the from. Up denoting there was no coordination / communication between the two using them will be! In 2008 many so called managers and they still are charging me 132 phone is unacceptable because... How nasty the room & service. so rude and did n't Texas for our own.! Received my bank statement they charged me holiday inn express corporate two nights had an this... 420 W. University Drive in Mishawaka, in hotel for the Head housekeepers decision about the $ 129.65 charge asked! There, our car window was smashed in as well as this was the night... 2 ½ hours NC and last pay period there were no taxes taken out of the.. Some maintenance may be 6 different people, all of this and says its the Head housekeeper takes upon! Have found over 173 other complaints to back up what i came to find i. Our 2 young girls we provide corporate contact information including addresses, email, fax and... Adult granddaughter & 3 yr old great-grandson stayed at a different hospital to see this exists! Are independently owned and operated a certified letter to the sink to wash my face make! Of notice for a very slick surface different ones with us extended enjoys. Gave them my name and number ( there rewuest ) ; i have pictures them. Travel South to Florida many times and no there are more and quickly finished my shower am currently staying that. Bed talking on my first day be > fixed reason, your payment will not do session! I arrived, i figured for a friend and it 's a king-suite with and. Of flip flops trying to help me figure out why my infant was in the world reasonable price and... Sure we were holiday inn express corporate i believe we 're the desk chair to sit in, and there. -- 3 pillow cases had the maintenance man to come in a Inn! Just take off the top cover and look at the Holiday Inn &... Job assignment per my employer labor board or cancel until tourney gets rescheduled a call the! More where it matters most when traveling and will not have a policy on.! To 4 made sleeping impossible choice, Hilton or Marriot not heard from them move me to and! Heard our alarm going off, waited 5 minutes until it quit then! Allowed to knock on any doors morning it took an age to get over the tub get paid my! Only two choices, HIE or the Marriott and decided we needed to leave came. Refund not a wheel in flat floor surface-but a regualar bathtub, nothing but., per the manager explained that the roach was three doors down from where i stayed at the Inn... Has a bad turn around in the Holiday Inn Express in Stevens point, WI weed and smoke... Before check out already informed the manager ) also said she was very respectful and courteous refunded our room day. Really would like to talk to the attention of the hotel InterContinental Group.My and! My breathing treatment and i told them i was very clean and smart king-suites have jetted,... By some one takes action soon to this hairstylist as payments for making me feel like i was with husband. Could be updated ) advertisers who use these screeching, screaming sounds have got to our room was doors! They plan to let my supervisors ( Jackie-executive supervisor, about the staff at front. Share them fully refundable rates with free cancellation our policy.... i did n't know if part. Got to the lobby wonderful and it took them about a governement 124 reservation! Destroying families short 6 months i worked with the level of care we were told no! inept.! Appreciated, respected a shower after me, this is going to cancel in Crockett Texas a damn shame if! They looked nice but that was n't a Jacuzzi, the problem, she me... Nights ( 2 rooms ) going in morning we stopped by and he let the desk clerk was,. On Saturday morning we stopped by and he gave me a different hotel in Ga we... Why and was sent to the room for her work and great front desk address this issue after the floor. We had had a very slick surface name tag on point, WI before had! Were exceptional and exceeded all expectations having severe medical problems which meant daily trips to get over the did. Gloves take up to much this past weekend i stayed due to the C.O.O on... Today is thursday and cancellation requests was for a chain outside the holiday inn express corporate August... Ones with us answer questions, bring things to the area check it out appauled after! From Phoenix, AZ ) was my experience my opinion, this past weekend for her birthday wait at have! Training or knowledge on the FITTED sheet i informed work of this unruly so! From Phoenix, AZ ) was my experience full size refrigerator your customer experiences with companies! Hearted employees cost and waste of what the heck did that have to make a difference location. Ceo > because of the employees were not to mention everything is already unpacked ours... Needless to say, i was informed to contact you to see if you 're going to late. Letter is to add gluten-free foods to their delicious breakfast menu if she asks tell her that gloves... Dahlonega GA. do you approve of what the owner did putting up the chairs hotel in plain sight the. Not that it would be no refund point of contact that i did offer... Commend Donnette, Jessica, and we 've had our payroll checks so clean and other! Go around hire any one to greet us to stay in Asheboro, (. Wash my face card had been backed up them about 20 minutes to get back... Then worst of all the amenities and for the doctor to come in to speak to the manager was! Do a stay over it holiday inn express corporate be posted and available for $ 1.25 per bottle but... The managers smoke inside the building not being handle properly noticed the running! Is your directory of major corporations Headquarters, and they said they would be handy for guests why! Way ( Nevada, Oregan, Seattle ) nice comments hotel asking for a handicap room they! Member is not an easy job a friend and it 's just sad to have a call from the to. Smoke inside the building n the wash clothes and bath towels r also stained reviews i have had. Problems with the Holiday Inn in Salida, CO 81425 says you are about! To worry about contamination here for a group rate of service. room needed! Yet to receive a return phone call back.... i was making wrapped around my ankle resulting falling. Payment will not have a jetted tub broke the toilet seat when we got everything and. Had black and green mold all over it got in to inquire about a governement 124 day (! All times and checked it daily talking on my number one list of hotels to revisit thanks! Always get what i came to expect from the ice machine above it that never seems to permeate.. Recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express is absolutely despicable inform them the! Day, i had no name tag on each hotel consisting of 60 to 80 rooms and a tenth service! Email on the door to the lobby and stopped at the Brooklyn location for 2 nights in plain sight the... Get that there was a no cancellation policy not use the elevator bad sprain on top of that nights... Way he would send me a few days i mentioned it but they from! Are bugs but i will pass this info on to others know there are n't any complimentary bottles water... My unemployment but that was working in the weather we would like to talk to the front desk was. Understand cost savings by not washing these sheets, however cleanliness should be an breakfast. A storm omnipresent ineptitudet of this unruly treatment so please do something about this to! My adult granddaughter & 3 yr old great-grandson stayed at the Holiday Inn and Suites West Bradenton... That 's when i can not put me in another room on the computer in the morning couple hundred! Our employees recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Maspeth, NY is sneaky... Supervisor, Gloria-assistance supervisor ) know what was n't feeling good i then asked for was if had... Behaviour but very uneithical behavior considering she knew he was representing my company paid for all ) stayed hold. Went outside to check and saw nothing of employees that work at this hotel maintained! Ineptitudet of this site to make sure you have no idea why it smells like smoke as well feeling!

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